About Us

TendonUSA is a company that is focused on exporting products from the USA to Asia. We do business in countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and China. We specialize in medical and consumer life style products.

TendonKorea is the hub to Asia. They have extensive experience sourcing products and distributing them globally. They are a full service provider that can manage the design, identify a source and sell thru dozens of pre-existing retail and distribution channels.

TendonUSA was originally a computer products and accessory company with over 125 branded products. The product was designed to be sold in retail channels but was most successful with online sales. TendonUSA imported products from Taiwan, Hong Kong and southern China.


We offer a wide variety of services and are able to take your product through our distribution network right to retail stores.

Identity & Branding

We can brand your US product specifically for each of the Asian markets. Each country has differences, and our expert team is familiar with what makes each country unique.


We have existing sales channels that have been utilized and expanded over the years, creating success after success.


We have international contacts that can fund development, distribution, branding and sales efforts.

Product Design

A full service product design and development firm is at the ready to help complete product designs or modify existing designs to better sell in Asia.


Our wide array of manufacturing partners can produce any product cost effectively with high quality results.


Our distribution network in Asia is second to none, and can get your product to the right audience.

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